Why not join the Grillados Club?

A club exclusively for Grillo lovers

Join the Grillados Club and be the first to acquire and discover our winery’s limited editions; unique vinifications and limited edition, numbered bottles, only available to our Grillados Club members. Private previews of our exclusive single varietals and blends for club members only.
To join the club, all you have to do is purchase our Grillados welcome pack. You will then receive your Grillados membership card and become eligible for all the club benefits.

These includes:

  • An exclusive visit to the winery at harvest time with a tasting in the vineyards. You will see the entire winemaking process. Harvesting by hand, grape-by-grape selection on the sorting table, ageing in barrel, etc.
  • Full information about all our winery’s events, food-wine pairing tastings and presentations.
  • Discounts on our wines and wine accessories in store: decanters, glassware, corkscrews and special packs.
  • Notifications of new vintages, awards received by our wines, food pairings and “Grillados” packs.

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